When Phoenix artist James B. Hunt makes a poster, he doesn’t open Photoshop and type in words. He opens his sketch book and freehands. You’d never know it if you didn’t see him doing it. There’s no computer, or middle man involved in his process.
He takes the finished work to Kinko’s and copies it. He even posts them himself. He’s a one man distribution machine. He prints his own stickers, makes his own prints, publishes his own books, promotes his own shows, and even turns abandoned
spots into temporary gallery showings for partygoers and urban explorers. And when you send him a dollar, he sends you stickers and comics he self published. He’s like a band without music – a DIY label. A lifestyle brand, where art is the lifestyle/ religion.

Find him at his blog, where you can see his art and read his thoughts, or check out his Instagram.

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